How to choose the right computer for work?

Jak wybrać odpowiedni komputer do pracy?
How to choose the right computer for work? It is impossible to hide how popular and important the computer is in our lives. For many, it is even the only source of income. Imagine IT without the right equipment. Sounds ridiculous, right? However, for some, it’s just a handy tool that allows you to get things done faster. An excellent example profession can be an accountant . It is true that he could perform his duties without a computer, but it would take much more time. Programs specially designed for them mean that entering data into invoices and their printing takes place at a rapid pace. So it’s important to get the right quality equipment.

What is important when choosing a computer?

Before we make any decision about which model to choose, it’s worth knowing that the most important element is the hardware specification. We never consider appearance as the most important factor in making these kinds of decisions. At the beginning, let’s analyze what budget we have and what we expect from the future device. If only for basic office activities, such as using calculating programs, writing texts or creating multimedia presentations, we do not need a laptop / notebook from the top shelf. However, if we are going to play the newest games, write advanced programs and build complex databases, we should invest a little more.

Once we have established a few facts, we can move on to specifics. Consider the CPU of the potential device. As you know, it is one of the most important components. It fetches data from operating memory, interprets it and executes any complicated processes. In addition, he operates with the work of the other parts, so it is worth spending a few moments on him. To evaluate its performance, we can take into account aspects such as the number of cores, clock frequency and processor architecture. The initial processors only had one core. When the dual-core models appeared on the market, they gained popularity at a rapid pace.

Now six-core processors are the standard, but it is probably only a matter of time before the twelve-core versions will be the norm. The clock frequency is the speed of the processor. For example, if it is 4 GHz, it means that it can handle 4 billion commands per second. Amazing result, is not it? In terms of CPU architecture, this is a complicated factor that makes no sense to delve into. The most important thing to remember is that 64 bit versions are faster than 32 bit versions.

Another important component is the graphics card. If we need a computer for work and only for basic activities, we don’t need to dwell on it too much. However, in the event that, in addition to working, we will also play on it, it is worth considering its choice in a special way. In addition to the fact that it allows you to display an image, it also affects the quality and smoothness of 3D graphics. We distinguish between integrated and dedicated cards. The former are used during everyday activities that are not the most complicated. Dedicated ones are much more efficient than the previous ones, which is why they are used during games.

However, how to choose the right graphics card for our needs? For this purpose, it is worth knowing that the most popular manufacturers of this component are AMD and NVIDIA. AMD products can be divided into: Radeon (for basic applications) and Radeon RX (for gamers). The higher the model number, the higher the performance segment. It is similar with NVIDIA. We distinguish the following division: GeForce (basic models), GeFore GT (low-middle segment), GeForce GRX (for players), GeForce RTX (for advanced players). Based on this, the choice will be much easier.

Laptop or desktop computer – which device will be better at work?

In this case, a lot depends on our individual needs. If we buy a computer for work and leave it in one place, the stationary one will be better . If, on the other hand, apart from at work, we would like to use it at home, it is obvious that a portable one will turn out to be better. It is worth presenting an example that shows a certain dependency. With PLN 2,000 at our disposal, the purchased desktop computer for this amount is already of really high quality, while the laptop that costs so much is very average. In general, PC parts are cheaper than notebooks. So this is another aspect that we should consider when making a choice.

Which operating system to choose?

An operating system is a computer system management software that creates an environment for startup and task control. He supervises the work of all components. The most popular systems available on the market are Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Linux, Chrome Os, Mac Os. Windows are, however, the most popular. We can determine the appropriate version based on the minimum hardware requirements. Remember that the higher the version of the system, the more efficient our computer is.



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