What is construction chemicals?

Over the past few years, the definition of construction chemicals has changed significantly. In the past, for example, only additives to a mixture made of concrete were considered as construction chemicals. In addition, in the past, construction chemicals had to have the right properties. These were loose or liquid additives, which, for example, were responsible for fixing the concrete mass after setting. At present, in the construction industry, the term construction chemicals also refers to various construction products that are not materials or elements of a given installation – it includes paints, adhesives, silicones or plasters. 


What is construction chemicals?

What exactly is construction chemicals? What is its correct definition? Which products are included in it? We invite you to read the importance of proper surface priming before painting. What exactly is construction chemicals? Here is the definition from the point of view of science. In the past, only additives intended for concrete mixtures were considered as construction chemicals. We are talking about additives in loose or liquid form: hardeners, plasticizers or the concrete itself after setting. 

In the world of engineers, all products that are used in the broadly understood construction industry are commonly considered as construction chemicals, but it is impossible to call them building materials or are not elements of the installation. The building material is, for example, a concrete screed, while decorative plaster is already included in the construction chemicals category. The installation element is a PVC siphon, and the sealing silicone will already be included in the construction chemicals category. 


The most important categories of construction chemicals 

Construction chemicals are classified as follows. Experts distinguish dry mixes, coating materials and ready mixes. Dry mixes include various masonry and plastering mortars, as well as coats and adhesives. On the other hand, ready-made masses include silicones, decorative plasters or acrylic coats. In turn, the group of coating materials includes paints, varnishes, primers and solvents. 


How to choose construction chemicals correctly?

How to choose construction chemicals correctly? The main point that you should always remember is to read any manufacturer’s recommendations on the leaflet. In the event that we need to buy glue to install tiles in the bathroom, we should buy a product with information that it is suitable for rooms with a lot of moisture. We will need a completely different adhesive for tiles in the bathroom and a different one for tiles in other rooms. It is exactly the same to choose paints. You need to verify whether they are suitable for indoor or outdoor painting, whether they are resistant to various types of dirt and whether it is possible to scrub them. Inside, paints that can be and are resistant to dirt work. On the other hand, from the outside, paints with information on it will be the best. that they are self-cleaning. In this case, the dust can be rinsed with water under pressure without the need to scrub the entire facade, which would be very time-consuming.

If we have such an opportunity, we should try to combine products from one manufacturer. For example: when we buy primer, paint and plaster, we buy everything from the same manufacturer. What it comes from? This is due to the fact that all purchased materials will be compatible with each other. By far the most common mistake is to use construction chemicals in the wrong way, inconsistent with the suggested application. It is also very bad to combine products that harm each other. A completely different primer must be purchased for protection against painting the wall, and a completely different one for protection against varnishing the wood. You should be aware of this, because if you forget all these rules, the renovation will take much longer. 


Types of adhesives

The construction chemicals category includes, for example, adhesives. Specialists distinguish, among others joint adhesives that are used in the assembly of panels. They are flexible substances distinguished by very fast setting. Their great advantage is also high resistance to moisture and other harmful weather conditions. The next type of adhesives are those used for carpeting. Particular types of such adhesives differ in their properties, which are adapted to a specific type of floor covering. Other adhesives work very well for fixing elastic floor coverings, there are also those intended for textile ones. You can also buy universal and waterproof products on the market. Among the adhesives intended for floor coverings there are also mentioned acrylic, two-component, for linoleum and dispersion. 

This article has provided you with extensive knowledge of what exactly construction chemicals are. We hope that thanks to his reading we have dispelled all doubts about what construction chemicals are. 


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