What solutions work for modern farms?

Jakie rozwiązania sprawdzają się w nowoczesnych gospodarstwach rolnych?
What solutions work for modern farms? Technological progress affects all areas of the economy. Properly implemented solutions allow to improve the economic efficiency of farms. It is for this reason that more and more farmers decide to use innovative technologies intended for companies operating in the agricultural sector. GPS devices intended for agricultural machinery deserve special attention. With their help, it becomes possible to control our vehicles much more precisely. This will certainly facilitate the daily work of farmers and avoid unnecessary downtime. We can easily track the operation of our agricultural machines in real time. This allows you to accurately plan when to carry out a technical inspection for specific agricultural machinery. Despite the many advantages of this type of solutions,

What kind of agricultural machinery is a modern farm impossible to do without?

It is difficult to find a more useful agricultural machine than an ordinary tractor. It is he who allows us to use such devices as, for example, a sheaf binder, seeder, trailers and other machines without their own drive. Such an agricultural machine will be useful on both small and large farms. The only difference is the number of tractors you will have to buy or rent. Agricultural equipment manufacturers offer many different tractor models. If we are not sure which one will meet all our needs, it is worth consulting with specialists. Alternatively, you can search for information on the subject yourself on the Internet. It is best to visit specialized forums dedicated to agricultural machinery. In most cases, second hand tractors should be enough for us. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on new models straight from the factory.

In addition to agricultural tractors, combine harvesters are also very popular. They belong to the type of agricultural machinery, the use of which is profitable only in the case of large farms. Smaller farmers usually rent combine harvesters when harvesting their crops. Alternatively, we will find companies on the market offering combine harvester rental with an operator. A considerable problem that farmers have to grapple with are all kinds of pests that feed on cultivated plants. Dusters or sprayers are used to spread the chemicals. Such agricultural machines will also work well when fertilizing fields. In addition to tractor-mounted models, there are also backpack and manual variants. These, in turn, will only be useful on small farms. Using them on too large a field is simply inefficient.

What is the usefulness of GPS devices?

The purchase of agricultural machinery is one of the largest expenses that farm owners have to bear. For this reason, it is worth trying to ensure that the vehicles we choose effectively improve production efficiency. In addition, they should significantly reduce the costs of running this type of business. Nothing stands in the way of using GPS devices in rented agricultural machines.. Using any computer or smartphone with Internet access, we can effectively control our combines, tractors, tractors and similar equipment. The possibility of constant monitoring is helpful in determining the actual working hours. Such knowledge will be useful when issuing invoices. In turn, the geofencing function present in GPS devices is an effective protection in the event of theft. The owner of the agricultural machine can check its location at any time. If she leaves the farm, we will be informed about it by e-mail or possibly by SMS.

Useful functions of GPS monitoring in agricultural machines

Due to the high price of agricultural machinery, proper maintenance is very important. By using a GPS monitoring system, we can accurately track engine hours. Thus, we will reduce the amount of unnecessary downtime and reduce our expenses related to the repair of agricultural machinery. A properly selected telematics system allows you to plan all service inspections in advance. After setting up an automatic notification about the upcoming service date, we will never be surprised by unexpected downtime again. In addition to monitoring agricultural machinery, the GPS system is useful for controlling our employees. The geofencing option is used to protect our vehicles against unauthorized use. We can easily verify the distance traveled and the number of ordered tasks on the basis of a map, which is an integral part of the telematics system. These types of innovative solutions will be appreciated primarily by those owners of farms who have carefully separated the areas that require pollination of crops, harvesting or fertilization. Then such a telematics system is almost necessary to be able to quickly and accurately verify the work of our employees.


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